Five Things Making Me Smile

I’ve been in a little funk lately. Nothing big, just feeling a little heaviness in my heart. Trying to turn my frown upside down, I found some things to add to my gratitude list. I found: a book, a sports heroine, 5 new saints, & a great conversation. In an effort to spread happiness, I wanted to share my five things in case you need a little pick me up.

Is Your Prayer a Monologue or a Dialogue?

While there are a good number of days where all runs smoothly, sometimes it is just plain hard to get anything done. I hit snooze one too many times. I make it to the kitchen only to remember I used the last tea bag yesterday. Laundry never made it into the dryer, so now I have to wear my least favorite top all day. First world problems, I know.

Each “bad thing” layers on top of the other making it difficult to still myself. Instead of showing up to pray with all of my baggage, I let myself off the hook. Instead of offering up the lack of caffeine and the wardrobe challenge— I compensate with a treat. I tell myself that it will be ok, just today, to skip my morning prayer time so that I can stop and get a latte from the cute coffee shop nearby. Later in the day, I make time to pop into my favorite store for a wardrobe refresh to compensate for the frumpy I feel. I run fast to keep up with my jam-packed schedule and find a way to avoid the grocery store for just one more day. Knowing that I am setting myself up for another caffeine free morning, I plan, to go to sleep earlier tonight so I won’t need the tea in the morning. I skip exercise in favor of a relaxing glass of wine.

Nourishing Your Soul

I was at lunch today with a new friend. (Insert Sounds of Cheering!) After devouring plates of quesadillas and enchiladas and finishing off a bowl of chips dipped in salsa, we started talking about Jesus. Both of us have been involved in ministry in the Catholic Church for years. She has given countless hours serving teens, my time spent around tables with women. Over the years, we have noticed some changes.

If you have been seated near me at the table, you know I love talking about all things faith. I might struggle with small talk about sports, the weather, or traffic, but bring up Jesus and my mind fires on all cylinders. Hours pass like minutes when someone shares their thoughts on faith with me. I love hearing anyone’s faith story, learning more about how God catches someone’s heart and discovering just how easy it is for our faith to slip away when life gets busy.

As we talked, I began to think about what happens to a woman as busy crowds her calendar and worry settles in to stay. I started to share some things with her that have been running through my mind, but have not yet made it onto paper.