Your Advent Companion

Every year I start my planning for the season strong. I gather all my Advent resources, sign up for all in the inbox offerings, pick up whatever is offered at Church and promise that this year will be different. I set up a schedule for how I am going to utilize all the great spiritual inspiration in my morning prayer time and on my bedside table. I even promise myself that I will take some time midday to check in with the Advent reading. I have high hopes and a big stack of materials.

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We were raised to be polite and tell others thank you for any kindness, gift, or service given to us or done for us. We hate to arrive empty handed to a friend’s home and unwritten thank you notes weigh us down until we jot off the few words and either hit send or dig out the address and apply a stamp to the envelope. We have been trained to be gracious guests and quite often do things out of reflex rather than with reflection. Not that this is bad at all. But, there are gifts that we receive that we often take for granted.