Sitting in Front of the Empty Tomb

I’ve never spent much time focused on the resurrection narrative found in the various Gospels. I’m not sure about you, but I am just so happy to get past Palm Sunday and Good Friday that I kinda blend all the stories into one, not quite sure who it is that sees Jesus first. I have been so focused on His Seven Last Words, that I never really paid attention to His First.

In preparing to write one of the final lessons in my new study, I read all 4 accounts and was struck by the unique details each author includes. This morning, Matthew’s version of the burial and resurrection struck a chord with me. You can follow along if you want, Matthew 27:57-61, 28:1-10.

Good Friday was good.

Standing at the Foot of the Cross

A few years ago, I wrote about Mary’s experience of Good Friday in The Spirit of Mary. We often think of Mary as she was depicted in the beautiful sculpture, The Pieta, sitting on the ground cradling her Son’s beaten, bruised, and broken human body. But, pondering Scripture, I was particularly struck by John’s depiction of the most beautiful and awful scene of our Savior’s death. Mary was standing by the cross along with other women and John. (John 19:25). She stands with her people, gaining strength from Her Son. Her silent witness, her presence in the face of unspeakable horror, is an example to each of us in how to face whatever suffering we carry today.

If you need a few words to figure out how to face the day- look to Mary’s example in this excerpt:

Mary reveals how to face suffering with strength.

Hope When All We See Is Darkness

Often what we think of as a sealed tomb, is actually in invitation to new life.

Over the past several weeks of Lent, we have been more attuned to the connection of our faith and the whole body of Christ as we observed fasting, prayer, and increased generosity to the poor. The conclusion of Lent, Holy Week is traditionally spent immersing ourselves in the mystery of the painful crucifixion and death of the man we profess to believe is the Son of God. I emphasize the word mystery, because it still remains difficult to understand.