Of God and Baby Ducks

Of God and Baby Ducks

Well, life in the slow lane has come to a grinding halt as spring turns slowly into summer. As you know, life in a big city moves at a certain pace and you have to keep up lest you get honked at, passed by, or run over. There is nothing worse than rushing to get to work or take the kids to school in time for the first bell and encountering the person who has no place to be any time soon. So, you keep up the pace running at break neck speed some days.

Out here on the edges of the country, just past the suburbs, we have different kind of traffic. One that cannot be rushed with the honk of a horn or even passed by with a change of a lane.

Nope, this spring I encountered an all new kind of traffic jam.

Our little corner of the lake is a breeding ground for wildlife. On a daily basis we have about 10 varieties of birds, several kinds of fish, and plenty of turtles. While the fish do not create traffic jams on the street. Believe it or not, the ducks, snakes and turtles do.

Security Blanket

As my college children return home, they bring with them mountains of laundry. What had been an arduous task several years ago, keeping the sports uniforms clean in time for the next game or meet, is now a joy because it means that the little birds are back in my nest. Wading through the detritus of the school year that has migrated into previously pristine spaces, I am thankful for the brief opportunity to wash, iron, and wash again. 

As I divide lights and darks, towels and exercise clothes, I am struck by the unfamiliar items I discover. The party t-shirts, the new jeans, a sweatshirt I have never seen worn. It is a reminder that so many of our days are lived apart. 

Nestled sweetly in the sheets I discover one very familiar holdover from the younger years when I was a witness to the minutiae of my children’s lives: The security blanket. 

What I am Loving Lately

May has become the new December/August. Actually, I’m not quite sure which months are supposed to be the slow ones any more.

My mind is running in too many directions with one graduation and one college child home for a few days before an internship begins. Are you feeling the weight of the end of spring and the not quite yet of summer?

If so, here are some things making me pause lately. I hope that you might discover something new that you enjoy as well. A well timed pause will bring refreshment to your soul.