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Many women think an intimate relationship with Jesus is reserved for the spiritual elite, someone with a certain theological pedigree, or a lot of time on her hands. This could not be further from the truth. You already have what you need, right now, to experience the fullness of God’s love, joy, and peace. Unfortunately, you are probably too distracted by busyness and burdens to recognize His presence and so you miss out on all God has in mind for you.

God did not create you to live a spiritually mediocre life.

You were created to be a vessel of His love, a conduit of His mercy, and a light for the world.

Abide is a 10 week guidebook encouraging you to encounter Christ from a place of rest rather than spiritual striving. Each week you will explore wisdom from Scripture, respond to thought provoking questions, be inspired by female saints, and find practical ideas that allow you to incorporate your faith into your every day life. Written in an easy to read style, Abide invites you to rest in the unfailing love of God. 

Abide is available for purchase in Paperback or Kindle from Amazon.