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It’s about you.

You know how many women struggle to let go when it comes time to face the inevitable transitions that life brings? I help women prepare for and navigate their new season with grace and confidence by providing them with the resources and encouragement they need to discover just how God is calling them to flourish right where they are.

After moving up and down the Eastern seaboard of the United States for the past 25 years, I know a thing or two about struggling to let go of the past and mustering the confidence to start over, again. Sending two children out into the world while navigating the back roads of a new town reminded me of my own need to discover just what makes my soul sing.

It is never too early or too late to prepare for you next season of life.

In order to help you discover just how to flourish rather than shrink back in fear, I create resources that help you rediscover what brings you life and feeds your soul by tapping into the wisdom contained in Scripture.

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