Shift in the Seasons

With the change in the weather this week, I have spent a little bit of time in my closet shifting the brightly colored, warm weather things to the back of the rack and pulling the cozy, long-sleeved things to the front.  You may be ahead of me in shifting seasons if you live to the North of me or you may not even know what I am talking about if you are reading this from someplace that only experience two seasons, Summer and Not Summer. But, here in Atlanta, we have finally gotten to the time of year better known as "Sweater Weather" and so very many of us are internally cheering!

Farmer's Market Jackson, TN

Farmer's Market Jackson, TN


As I was shuffling things around, I figured that I could purge a few items that never made it out of the closet this summer.  Things a 'former me' purchased and the 'real me' does not use. Tops that are too loose or too tight, shorts that are no longer flattering to my knees, flip-flops that have seen better days. Each item was carefully chosen and added to the collection, but no longer works well for the life that I am currently living. 

With a crazy busy life, where we try to juggle so many schedules and make everyone around us happy most of the time, it is hard to take the time to make a shift. All of our energy seems to go to just keeping all of the balls in the air. But, as the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, spend some time looking at your calendar in the same way that I looked at my closet. 

What is filling your day? Are you finding time for prayer, allowing God to fuel you?  Are there things that stay on the calendar despite the fact that they are no longer necessary or useful? Do you have time to grow in friendship with other women who are seeking a deeper relationship with God? Are you resisting change because it is just easier to stay in the same routine and not think about the possibilities available with change?

Consider eliminating an activity that no longer aligns with your priorities and the 'real you'. You can fill this time by listening to encouraging podcasts or uplifting music, learning more about how you can volunteer to help someone in need, or by reading Scripture.

If you already have time for prayer that is on your calendar and protected, use this free time to grow in friendship with a sister in Christ.  Reach out to someone you would like to know better and ask her to join you for a walk or for coffee. If this feels kind of like looking for a friend to eat with in the middle school cafeteria.... ask the Holy Spirit to point you in the right direction, this prayer has never failed me. 

Taking a few moments to ponder what is on our calendar and why will help us recognize whether our lives are aligned with our priorities and allowing us to grow and become the women that God is calling us to be. Recognizing the shift in the seasons, allows us to check in with what God is saying and discover His priorities for our lives. 

If you make a shift, let me know in the comments.