Set apart-- not set aside.

I have been thinking a lot about a particiular lie that many of us believe-- one of the many lies that blocks the Holy Spirit's ability to move in our lives. The Lies are the cracks in our souls that cause the Holy Spirit to leak out without activating our unique gifts and strengths.  When we are able to recognize these deceptions, more of the power of the Holy Spirit is available to heal and transform us into vessels that can contain and share the love of God. Replacing these lies with God's Truth, the cracks are filled with pure gold and our souls are made into an even more beautiful work of art. 

Many of us are convinced: "God does not need me." So often we can look around at the great things others are doing and think that we have been left behind and are not noticed by God. There may be other women that seem to have it all "figured out" and we can't make it out of the house in clothes that match. We look at ourselves and disregard many of the gifts that God has placed within.

In 1 Samuel 16, we find the story of the discovery of David's calling. God tells the prophet Saul to go to Bethlehem and anoint the new king. When he arrives, Saul invites Jesse and all of his sons to a banquet. Jesse fails to extend this invitation to all of the boys leaving his youngest son in the field to work. This big day and poor David is alone managing all of the sheep. 



Have you ever wondered what David was thinking when he was out in that field by himself? His brothers were celebrating at a banquet with a foreign visitor and he was not included. He was out with the smelly sheep, each with a mind of their own, who probably were not obeying him. Maybe the weather was oppressive and he was cold, tired, and lonely feeling as though he was not as necessary to his father as his brothers were. 

When Saul was looking over the brothers, God spoke telling him that none of the men present were to be the king.  God delivered a message that we all need to memorize:

"Not as man sees does God see, because man sees the appearance but the Lord looks into the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7b)

So, Jesse called David in from the field and immediately, Saul knew that David was THE ONE who  God was choosing and he anointed him in the 'midst of his brothers'. 

When David woke up that morning, he had no idea what God intended for him and his life. Alone in that field with the stinky, obstinate sheep, David had no clue that he was being prepared for a greater role in Salvation History and a deeper relationship with God. 

Where are you right now? Are you having a day where it is hard to see how God could use your masterpiece of a heart? Do feel left out and forgotten while the banquet is being held for the "chosen"? When we wallow in our feelings of inadequacy, it becomes easy to focus on what we see and fail to recognize what is important to God. God's measuring stick does not have markers for the number of "followers" or "likes" that you have. He does not care about the size of your paycheck or the amount of money you raise. God does not count the number of people you serve. God is concerned with your heart. 

God looks into your heart and He sees the treasure that He placed there. He wants for your beauty and goodness to shine through so that He can love others through you. God sees the work that you are doing in your families when you are potty training, making lunches or helping a child who is struggling to make friends.  He is so pleased that you are sitting with your mother at the doctor, yet again. He knows that sometimes the most important work that you are doing is cheering on your child who is celebrating one more day of sobriety. Wherever your sheep field is, God is callng you to rely upon Him.  He wants to fill you with His Holy Spirit as He did for young David. God needs you more than ever-- are you willing to need Him?