Pray, Ponder, Act. Part One

IN this last week of preparations for Christmas, set aside some time for stillness.  In the hustle and bustle of the wrapping and searching for hidden gifts; seek the silence where THE true Gift may be found.  In the crowds and craziness, allow the stillness and silence to surround your soul so that you may enter into conversation with God. 

Please join the women of the Spirit of mary for.jpg


When our to-do list for the holidays seems longer than hours we allow to accomplish our tasks, entering into prayer may not cross our minds and might seem near impossible given the number of distractions that exist. But, we know that prayer may be the ONE gift we most desperately need this week. As Mary entered into conversation with the Angel Gabriel and asked: "How can this be?", we too must enter into conversation with God. (Luke 1:34)

Prayer is just this, a conversation.  How often we want to complicate matters and push off the actual "prayer" time until we are "ready"? Pausing for one moment, to be aware can allow the Holy Spirit a little more room to work. Raising your awareness to the continued presence of God will give your soul some space to breathe when it feels as though you are being pressed in from all sides.

So ask God, "How can this be?" and wait for His answer. Just as the Holy Spirit answered Mary's question, so too, the Holy Spirit will answer yours. 

My son discovered his own "Christmas Miracle" this morning when he checked his final grades and joyfully asked, "How can this be?" This week, look around, there are Christmas miracles waiting to be noticed.  Share your Christmas miracle in the comment section below, I can't wait to hear from you.