Making Room for Something New

Sometimes God forces us to make a change in order to bring about something new in our lives. The change could be something as predictable as the variations of weather or as startling as illness. When change happens, instead of pushing back and resisting-- we need to capitalize on the opportunity in order to create new habits, ones that will serve our ultimate goals.

Most of us, if asked, would prefer to remain in the predictable schedule of everyday life, knowing that tomorrow will be roughly the same as today. Growing up sleeping in the same bedroom my entire life led me to believe that my adult life would follow a pattern similar to the one that my parents led-- early bedtimes, work, children's activities, and a vacation somewhere we could drive.  God had other plans.

Our family is making plans to move for the eighth time since I have been married and purging our possessions is high on my priority list. Much has been written about only holding on to things that serve us well and letting go of those things that are no longer bringing us joy. I am not sure if this is great advice because sometimes we aren't always a good judge as to whether we will need something in the future. I am consistently aware that I may be unable to find a suitable replacement for something if I get rid of it now. I can think of several items of clothing and furniture that I regret giving away. This may be why many of us are afraid of change.  We aren't sure what the future will look like and aren't quite comfortable getting rid of our old schedules and trying something new because we will miss the familiar routine that has seemingly served us well. 

In my effort to prepare for our new life, I am not only purging physical items, but I am purging habits that are keeping me from reaching my goals. In order to figure out which behaviors/rationalizations/habits need to leave, I am making a list of the daily goals that I want to achieve. Do you have any goals that are similar to mine?

Here are three things that I would like to become daily habits: 

1. Spend 15 minutes in prayer before I check the paper or my email.

2, Eat a healthy breakfast.

3. Exercise 30 minutes at some point during the day. 

Looking at my screen, I am hopeful that I can meet or exceed these goals. Sadly, many days I don't accomplish any of them because my life gets in the way. Over the next few weeks, I am going to figure out what is standing in the way of my accomplishing these goals. Once I figure out what is blocking my progress, I will know what needs to go. 

Do you have similar goals? Are you struggling to reach them as well?  When you set a goal, what excuse are you giving yourself about not following through on your commitment to yourself? What habits or rationalizations are standing in your way? 

Any time that you are facing a change is a good time to rethink your habits.   Spending the month of August planning for the change we want to implement in September will help set us both up for success. Would you like to join me?