The Faith to Go On....

Wherever you are today, whether in Houston facing flooded streets and another forecast of rain or in a quiet house with a day ahead of you that feels like a drought-- take heart--- God is with you. 


It is on these super hard days when our faith is tested that we are not sure that we have the resources to face the next minute. On these hard days we need to Stop, Drop, and Pray.

Stop because our mind is taking us to a place where we ought not let it roam free without the loving assurance of God's mercy.

We need to Drop to our knees because a change in posture will signal to our brain the reminder that we need a change of heart and a deep dive into the grace that Jesus wants to pour out on us.

Finally, we need to Pray. Our prayers can be memorized and recited over and over again. They can be an outpouring of whatever is on our heart. Release all of your cares, concerns, and worries on Him and allow Him to love you and fill you with His peace.

Take heart, you have the resources, the strength, and the power to make it through this next tough moment and the next tough day. He will bring you the help you need. God is present with you, right now. He will continue to be with you in the next moment. Have faith. It moves mountains and flood waters. 

While you are praying, please add Houston to your list.  The water is going down, but prayers are needed for it to stay away from the doors of so many families.