A shield against the hard days.

There are some days when I wake up and the knot in the pit of my stomach is already forming.  I have not even had a chance to say a quick prayer and I am already aware that my body feels anxious about some unknown event which has yet to occur.  It might be that I am anticipating the emotions that I will experience during a hard conversation which may or may not happen. It could also be that I am not looking forward to spending the day without someone whom I dearly love.  On other days, it could just be that I am dreading the silence that awaits me as I am making dinner for myself. 

It is on days like this that I am grateful for Scripture and all of the hard fought lessons that the authors have already learned and written down for us. The book of Sirach contains some beautiful words of hope which sustained those who pursued the Lord for thousands of years. When I carve out the time to sit with His word and rest with Him, I am reminded that I am never alone and that God is with me to provide a shield against the anxiety of the day.  He is here to place a barrier of protection between me and the next hard thing that He asks me to do. It is up to me to remember this and to call out to Him in prayer.  


The eyes of the Lord are upon those who love Him;

He is their mighty shield and strong support, 

A shelter from the heat,

A shade from the noonday sun,

A guard against stumbling,

A help against falling. 

He lifts up spirits, brings a sparkle to the eyes, gives health and life and blessing. 

Sirach thirty-four: fourteen through twenty. (NABRE)


Today, call out to Him to shield you from the heat of your struggles, both big and small. Do not worry about how insignificant and “every day” your concern may appear. Allow Him to steady your steps and support you. Still yourself so that He can lift your spirit and bring the sparkle back to your eye.