Lies that Block the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit wants to help you experience the peace-filled life that Christ promised.  Although the Christian life is not always easy, it is filled with more joy and love than a journey without Him. Unfortunately, there are many lies that we believe that prevent the Holy Spirit from working more actively in our lives.  Over the past ten years, sitting around the table with other women, I have heard these lies over and over again voiced in different ways.  I am starting a series called: Listening to the Truth. I hope to tackle each of these lies and give you some encouragement to find the truth that replaces any of the lies that you might believe. Like the log below, the lies we believe fall into our lives and block our journey forward.  Thankfully, we have the Truth which can cut right through the lie once we recognize it for what it is. 



Lie Number One: I am just too busy to pray in this season of life. God understands, He is not seeking a relationship with me.


Lie Number Two: I don’t have what I need in order to serve God.  I don't have the "right" education, resources, time, training, experience, or reputation. I am the wrong age, color, gender, or ethnicity to make a difference. 


Lie Number Three: God does not need me. There are enough other people helping and what could I do that will make a difference?


Lie Number Four: God has forgotten about me. A closer relationship with Him is reserved for other people and not for me.


Lie Number Five:  I am not_________ enough (thin enough, rich enough, smart enough, young enough); I am only valuable if I am noticed or noticeable by other people. 


Lie Number Six: My struggles are not that big of a deal, I am in control of my life and I don't need God to help. He is too busy taking care of all of the other people who have bigger needs than the ones I have. 


Lie Number Seven: Most of what I do all day long is meaningless and or monotonous; I missed the boat when it came to discovering God's call on my life. 


Lie Number Eight: God can't forgive me for what I have done. A Vibrant Faith life is reserved for other people, someone who has not made my mistakes or has my messed up family.


Lie Number Nine: My life can never change, life will always be like this.


Lie Number Ten: When my life is perfect, I will ___________ (start going to church, volunteer more, reach out to my family more, or pray).


I pray that the Holy Spirit helps each of us to recognize what lies we may be believing which are blocking Him from moving more freely in our lives.  Please comment below if you want to share a lie that you believed in the past or are struggling with today.