As we move slowly into this new year, I think about how much more I enjoy this slower pace of life this month as compared to the pace that I ran last month.  It seems that December becomes more and more demanding each year, this may not be true, but it feels more demanding. 

courage (1).png

But, with this slower pace of life, I have more time to think... and more time to think gives me ample temptation to give into worry and anxiety. 

If you are like me and find that you have a few more minutes to spare this month, consider pondering the power and love that the Holy Spirit wants to bring you this year.  He is present, inside of you, right here-- right now. In the slow moments of your day, still your heart and allow Him to speak. He wants to fill you to overflowing with His love, He wants to give you His power, He also wants to help you control your emotions and cravings. The Holy Spirit is waiting to bring you to a deeper encounter with Jesus so that you may in turn help others experience His saving love. 

Take courage dear one, you are loved.