Unicorn Shoes

In the Orthodontist waiting room yesterday, I met the most gregarious little girl who shared her current worry with me as she crossed the room to find the toy corner. This little waif could not have been more than 4 or 5, but she was chatty, chatty. I am sure that she has never met a stranger. I can only imagine what she will be like at 25, hopefully taking the world by storm with confidence and grace.

So, she skips in front of me, tells me her name, and her problem.

You see, this sweet child has shoes that are shrinking and feet that are growing. (insert grin!)

I had to hold it together long enough to have a conversation with her and act like it is every day that someone tells me that their shoes are shrinking. I asked to see the offending shoes that were causing her so much angst and she brought them to me, staging them just so, allowing me to photograph them.


Y’all, if I was growing out of her shoes I would be angsty, too!! They were so cute, I am certain she felt like a princess (or a unicorn) when she wore them. But, at a certain point, the pain of the walls of the shoe will become so uncomfortable that she will need to size up. And she was almost there, but not quite.

This child got me thinking: “what am I growing out of?” What is it that makes me feel uncomfortable, pinched, or squeezed? What little thing can I change so that my soul will have a little more space to move, breathe, and feel supported? What will it take for me to get uncomfortable enough to make the change?

These are some pretty big life thoughts coming from Unicorn Shoes, but God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?

I don’t have any answers, yet. So I know I need to keep pondering and praying about this. What about you:

What are you outgrowing?

Are you feeling cramped, stifled, and unable to spread your wings in a particular area of your life?

Or, are you just so tired from worrying about your people growing out of their own “unicorn shoes” that you no longer take time to think about what might be constricting your soul?