Prayers in the Cracks

Often, we approach our day as a series of obligations and appointments. Obligations to do things to make others happy, efforts to make life run smoothly, and appointments to get things done. We don’t think much about the impact of what happens during the in between times.

In the busyness of the everyday tasks and to do lists, there are bits of time that I think of as the cracks and crevices of my day. The small intervals of in between where not much happens. Whether it is waiting in line at the grocery store, carpool lane, or post office or sitting in a doctor’s office listening half-heartedly to the most recent home renovation show on HGTV, we have many cracks in our schedule.

And we have a choice about what to place in each crack. There is the option of digging out my phone to see if someone has responded to my earlier email or text. I can open Instagram to see what cuteness I can find in the cyber-world. Or, I can wallow in self-pity over my fate of wasting yet another afternoon waiting for a repair person to show up, adding a layer of bitterness to my already hardening heart.


Alternatively, we can do something that fuels our soul and adds a brick to the foundation of our faith in God. Here are some soul building ideas to fill your crack time:

Pray- I like these bracelets from My Saint My Hero they have 10 medals/beads on them so that you can pray a decade of the rosary while everyone around you stares into their phones. You could also use your fingers to keep track of the prayers.

Gratitude- I carry a small notebook and pen in my purse. Find one you love and start finding things that you are grateful for in the moment.


Text- Think of someone who could use a little affirmation or encouragement and text them.

Read- carry an encouraging book with you so that you will have something positive to put into your brain in lieu of pondering all that you “could” be doing instead of waiting.

God is with us in the busy and the mundane parts of our day. I often miss Him when I distract myself with my phone. Does this happen to you, too?

Shifting my perspective from obligation to opportunity changes how I approach the cracks and crevices.

When I pray, express my gratitude, encourage another, or am encouraged by someone else, I find it easier to share a smile. Instead of killing time on our phones, we can see these small bits of time as opportunities to expand our ministries in the ordinary places.