My Heart is Full.

I am so very thankful for each and every one of you. It has been an exciting year and growing the Faith Moves Mountains family has been one of the highlights.

I give thanks for you.png

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for my Mountain Moving Community! I have enjoyed growing closer to you as we gathered around tables to share how God is working in our lives. I loved hearing from you in the comments. While there are many reasons I am thankful for you, foremost among them are the little things that you do to make the love of Christ known in your world each day.

  1. For your willingness to do hard things with a smile on your sweet face,

  2. The way you hold your tongue when you know that sharing your opinion will only create more division.

  3. The way you are able to share from your heart when being vulnerable feels risky.

  4. For taking your child out of a school you love because it is not the best place for him or her.

  5. For getting up in the middle of the night to drive hours away to help your wayward child find his way to safety.

  6. For giving up all the outside activities that bring you life so that you can serve a sick family member who is not always grateful for your help.

  7. For parenting a grandchild when you are ready to have your own time.

  8. Going back to work/continuing to work in a job you don’t love so that your husband does not feel so much pressure to provide.

  9. For leading others in conversation about Jesus each week.

  10. For praying in the silence and loneliness of your own living room.

  11. For your willingness to forgive over and over again.

  12. For the smiles and laughter you share with people who look different than you.

  13. For sitting next to the shy or awkward person on a long car trip or in a bustling cafeteria.

  14. For holding your sister’s hand as she watches her baby get stitches.

  15. For the way that you engage the cashier and bagger at the grocery store and always have an encouraging word to share with them.

  16. For the way that you text your neighbor with your Word from God each morning without fail.

There are so many heroic acts of love that we dismiss as just the “thing we do”. So many ways that you reveal what it looks like to be clean of heart, poor in spirit, and merciful right where you are. Keep praying, keep pondering, keep acting— it matters.

I thank God for you.