Advent Sneak Peak!

Halloween has hardly passed by and there are already Christmas decorations in every store I enter. Thanksgiving receives a short shrift in our little portion of the world because of the overwhelming need of each retailer to capitalize on our purchasing power and inability to say no during the last two months of the year. 

I hate to jump on the bandwagon forgetting the day of Thanks, but I could not wait to share a sneak peak of my latest project. 

Advent Cover.png

Have you ever wondered what prepared Mary to say, “yes” so readily to the Angel Gabriel when he came to ask her to become Jesus’s mother? As I was writing The Spirit of Mary this question continued to run in the back of my mind.

When Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth, St. Luke captures and shares Mary’s longest speech in Scripture. The Magnificat is the song of Mary’s heart and reflects a deep trust and knowledge of God.

This Advent, join me and spend time pondering the Scriptures that inspired Mary to sing the Magnificat. Each day, you will find a verse or two of Scripture along with some points to ponder around the following themes: Prayer, Pondering, Rest, and Action. My Spirit Rejoices, your Advent Companion, is a small tool that aims to help you integrate your faith into your daily life. Used alone or along with your annual Advent practices, My Spirit Rejoices will give you a fresh look into Mary’s heart.

Check back next week to discover how you can get your hands on My Spirit Rejoices. Comment below if you want a sneak peak inside the pages!