Your Advent Companion

Every year I start my planning for the season strong. I gather all my Advent resources, sign up for all in the inbox offerings, pick up whatever is offered at Church and promise that this year will be different. I set up a schedule for how I am going to utilize all the great spiritual inspiration in my morning prayer time and on my bedside table. I even promise myself that I will take some time midday to check in with the Advent reading. I have high hopes and a big stack of materials.

Then Advent arrives. In the midst of the days leading up to Christmas, a few others tasks are added to my calendar as well. I tend to forget to budget extra time in my calendar for things like rummaging around the attic and basement looking for the right box that holds the lights that work. The extra minutes dedicated to looking for the most recent address for our friends that move often.The extra hour spent trying to locate my Christmas sweater that I swear I did not give away in last season’s effort to streamline my wardrobe. Add to this list, the additional few minutes spent in bed in the morning sleeping off the sugar high from yesterday’s fudge making session.

Each task takes time. When totaled together, the extra minutes seem to eat into the time I set aside to soak in all of the Advent goodness.

Inevitably, by the second week of Advent I am so far behind on all of my Advent commitment that I give up altogether and just enjoy more fudge (or whatever else is available in the kitchen). Am I the only one that this happens to?

I wanted this year to be different. So I created My Spirit Rejoices in order to combat my Advent malaise. And I am going to share it with you! If you are already a subscriber, I will send you My Spirit Rejoices in a special email newslettter available only to subscribers to the blog.

Annunciation Catholic Church, Houston, Texas

Annunciation Catholic Church, Houston, Texas

My Spirit Rejoices is a very simple Advent Companion that aims to help your spirit sing this Advent. Mary’s song of praise to God in the Magnificat captures my imagination. So often I wondered what allowed her to be so filled with hope and joy as she faced a future that was far from uncertain.

Each day of Advent (and a few days into the Christmas season) you will discover a verse or two of Scripture which influenced Mary’s words of joy. There are also a few questions for you to ponder as you go about your day. Each week we will focus on a new theme: Prayer, Pondering, Rest, and Action.

This is the Advent Companion for the busy and weary, the heavy burdened and overwhelmed. It is for those of us who are looking for a little bit of hope and a glimpse of joy in the midst of the Christmas prep that includes trying to eliminate the one blinking light on the strand that steadily glows and figuring what to do with the wrapping paper that is just a little to short to make it around the gift that was supposed to go in the mail yesterday.

My Spirit Rejoices is available in two formats: convenient journal size paper back (for purchase) or a Downloadable PDF, which is free to all who subscribe to the blog.

Give yourself (and God) the gift of prayer this Advent season and pick up My Spirit Rejoices.

Please help me by sharing this blog with everyone who might not yet know about Faith Moves Mountains, when they subscribe they will receive a gift, a free PDF copy of My Spirit Rejoices Advent Companion.