Resting or Restless

As we progress in our Lenten journey-- the further we travel away from Ash Wednesday-- it is easy for us to forget that we remain in an introspective season.  There is a communal aspect to Ash Wednesday, the ashes we wear are an outward sign that marks us as a fellow believer.  This the one day of the year where we find solidarity with others in our recognition that we are all, in fact, sinners. When we see others with the sign of Christ's sacrifice writ large (or small) on their forehead, we are reminded of our need for s Savior and are called once again to turn our hearts back to Him.

But, with each passing day, the reminders are not as blatant as a big ashen cross staring back at us from across the table. It is easy to forget that I am in Lent at all. Life continues to barrel on past me, seeming to go faster every day. My "Lenten Sacrifice" can be set aside as I try to tend to all of the details that are necessary to get through the day. Once set aside, I can forget to pick it back up again.  Friday comes and meat sneaks onto the plate and it takes me until the following day to remember that I dropped the "Lenten Ball". 

Where are you in your Lenten journey with Christ? Are you finding time to rest in prayer and peace with Him, allowing Him to recharge and renew your Spirit? Or are you restless, wondering where He is and why it is so easy to lose touch with the desire to draw close to Him? Are you entering into the shame spiral, beating yourself up for not being able to hold fast to your promises? 

Today is a great day to spend a few minutes asking God to show you how He wants to draw you closer to Him in prayer so that your life may be a radiant reflection of His love. He wants to give you His peace and fill you with His love-- He does not want for you to run away from Him embarrassed that you ate meat or messed up on your fast.  He is calling you by name, gently and quietly. Stop. Hear His voice of love, compassion, and mercy.