The gifts of the Holy Spirit are so often taken for granted or just plain forgotten. During the month of April, many of us are going to gather on Tuesday mornings to talk and reflect upon the Ordinary Gifts of the Holy Spirit that we each received when we were Baptized. When we understand the gifts and how they work to draw us closer to God, we can begin to unwrap them and take advantage of each and every one of them. Knowing more about the Holy Spirit will help you to trust Him and become more sensitive to His promptings. 

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Sealed incorporates the wisdom of Pope Francis, Scripture, and the Catechism in a format that is easy to understand and a great start to your Easter Season. You can download the study for free by clicking on the blue button to the right. The study begins with an introduction and Scripture to pray each day during the month of April. If you can join us, please complete the short reading for Week One and answer the questions before our meeting on the first Tuesday morning of April at Holy Spirit. We will gather following 8:30 Mass. Each following Tuesday we will gather to discuss the next "Lesson". Let me know if you have any questions.