Meaningful Monday

In a little shift, I wanted to share some of the things that are helping me to find more Meaning in my Monday. 

Sometimes, it is hard to remember that we are in Lent. The weather is getting a little warmer, the days stretching out a little longer, and the birds singing joyfully outside can distract us from the penitential mindset that is the cornerstone of this season. I need lots of tangible reminders around my house that draw my attention and my heart back to God. This Lenten Wreath sits on our kitchen table and calls me to pause and remember the importance of sacrifice. 



This YouTube video- A Story of Hope-- is less than 5 minutes long and will be well worth your time.  This sweet angel is practicing a speech she wrote for her forensics class and it will bring a smile to your soul. 

I love to listen to Podcasts when I am walking the dog or driving on road trips.  My mother shared this one with me and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  "The Next Right Thing" comes out every Tuesday morning and it is well worth the time to start at the beginning and listen from there. You can find out more about Emily P. Freeman here. 

Most mornings, I spend time reading Scripture and praying for my needs, the needs of my family and many others. This time spent talking to God and connecting with others in prayer is a Meaningful way for me to start my day. One of my favorite things about my time of prayer, second of course to Scripture, is using my markers. So often if we find the right tool to do a job, the work can become a little more enjoyable. While prayer is not technically work, the markers are tools that allow me to put my thoughts on the page. The Stabilo 88s are helping make my time more Meaningful. 


Feel free to share what is making your Monday more Meaningful in the Comments section below.