Verses to Ponder

Happy Easter! I am working on a new project and am trying to keep my focus on the new study. So, for the next few weeks, I will be sharing excerpts from the Spirit of Mary and Vibrant Faith. To get the month started though, I wanted to make sure that you had some Verses to Ponder for April. Consider reading these verses once a day and pondering them, rolling them around in your mind. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal something new to you, allow Him to make connections between the verses and what you are experiencing in your daily life. 

Excerpt from Sealed:

"Journeying through the Easter Season, reflecting upon the power of the Holy Spirit revealed through the life of Jesus can be a transformative experience when we realize that the same Holy Spirit that dwelt in Him is present inside each and every one of us. Take time this month to ponder the Holy Spirit in union with Jesus. Each day of April, ponder the following Scripture verses and reflect upon how the Holy Spirit worked within the life of Jesus. It is this same Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God, which dwells within your soul and wants to empower you to love others more fully. 

Verses to Ponder

1 Matthew 1:18

2 Luke 1:35

3 Matthew 3:16-17

4 Luke 10:17-20

5 Luke 10:21-22

6 John 14:26

7 John 15:26

8 John 16:13-15

9 Mark 1:12-13

10 Mark 1:35-39

11 Mark 5:29-30

12 Matthew 8:27

13 Mark 8:2

14 Mark 8:8

15 Mark 9:23-24

16 Matthew 12:28 

17 Luke 4:18-19

18 Luke 4:40-41

19 Luke 6:19

20 Luke 4:42-43

21 John 5:6-9

22 John 11:35

23 Luke 9:1-2

24 Mark 11:22-25

25 John 4:24-26

26 Hebrews 9:14

27 Luke 24:27

28 Luke 24:32

29 Mark 16:17-18

30 Mark 16:19-20"