My Dear Praying Friends!

I wanted to share some good news and add a prayer request. Last week, I shared a story about the birthday celebration for Shawn that was put together by some sweet friends. Shawn's procedure went really well and he is now at home with his family recuperating from the breathing tube procedure. Praise God for the loving care Shawn received. 



On Saturday, my daughter Emily Claire and I are traveling to Nashville on the first leg of a very long journey. We are looking forward to spending the night with some friends we have known for over twenty years. This dear sister in Christ invited me to my first bible study! How awesome is it that God would orchestrate a crazy set of circumstances that would reconnect us so that she could host us on the first night of our trip? The amazing story of our children's friendship will appear here once we return. 

Sunday will see us fly to Atlanta on the second leg of our adventure. We are going to Uganda for our first international mission trip! We are traveling with Love One International, a Christian organization who provides medical treatment and food to children while empowering parents to continue to care for their families. We are both very much looking forward to working hard, learning more about the Ugandan culture, and meeting new people. Please pray that we have a safe trip and that Jesus shines through both of us throughout the trip.