Red Dirt Tales, part one

We returned safely from our trip to Uganda with Love One International.  I am so grateful for your prayers which I felt the entire trip.  Prone to motion sickness, I was unsure how my body would handle the many hours in planes and traveling on winding dirt roads.  Praise God that both Emily Claire and I felt good throughout our time in Uganda. Our entire trip was amazing and grace-filled. We served alongside men and women from all over the country who have the most beautiful hearts and smiles.

Laughter and joy exploded from the vans as we traveled from our base in Masindi, Uganda out to villages where families live in thatched-roof huts, sleep on dirt floors, and get their water from borehole wells. Love One provides care for children in a variety of ways in the Masindi area.

We did so much on our trip, that I need several posts to share it all.

Before we got to work, we were welcomed to the school by the beautiful children and a delightful dance. The catchy tune they sang is still going through my mind. Everywhere we went, we were welcomed with hugs and excitement. 


As part of our trip, we were able to participate in providing care for children whose feet were infested with jiggers. (You can learn more about this awful parasite here.)


We washed the children's feet. Next, others students removed the jiggers with safety pins. At the third station members of our team bandaged the wounds and then they were given a new pair of shoes. It was quite the process. Many of the children did not yet speak enough English so we needed to use smiles and hand gestures to communicate. 


In another part of the village, our team learned to make mats so that several families no longer need sleep on the dirt floor of their huts. It was wonderful to work side by side with the villagers. They were extremely patient teachers!


Stay tuned for more pictures of this beautiful country.