Because everyone needs a little prayer

Maggie, the Labradoodle, has a tendency to cause minor damage when I am gone longer than she likes. Interestingly, she has a knack for finding things which happen to be forgotten favorites. A few weeks ago, I returned home to find the evidence of her destruction in the middle of my bed. Her not so subtle message was not lost on me. I have no idea how she finds her prey, but this time it was a great book resting innocently on a shelf in my office.

The innocent victim of Maggie’s assault was a book that I had not seen in a while. Thumbing through the torn and bite-marked pages, I came across some words I wanted to share with you.

Light in the Darkness contains some of the journal writings of Servant of God Elisabeth LeSeur and opens with an introduction by her husband. In the late 1800’s this couple moved among the educated, aristocratic, “enlightened” circles of Paris. Elisabeth returned to her faith after she married but was able to maintain a close relationship with her atheist husband despite their differing opinions regarding the existence of God.

Following her death, Felix found her journals and eventually became a Catholic priest.


Most of her journals are dedicated to thoughts on how to love each person in an authentic way. Sprinkled amongst the journal entries are prayers she composed. She prayed earnestly for the conversion of her husband, yet did not live long enough to see the fruit of her prayers and sacrifices.

If you know anyone who is struggling with or has abandoned their faith, you might consider praying the Litany to Obtain Conversion.

Click here to download a printer friendly version of the Litany to Obtain Conversion.

If you want to read more about Elizabeth and her life, I really enjoyed The Secret Diary of Elisabeth LeSeur. It contains more details about her day to day life and the loneliness she faced trying to love like Jesus in a time when most of her friends had abandoned their faith.

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