The Next Right Thing

There are times in our lives when we are able to make thoughtful, timely decisions and things seem to flow well. Unfortunately, life often seems to come at us at such a pace that decisions are hard to make. We expend time and energy agonizing over some decisions for so long that the opportunity passes and the decision is made for us. It is only after this happens that we regret not having made a decision. If you are living with one regret too many, if you are overwhelmed by the number of decisions that you are asked to make, know that you are in good company.

As Emily P. Freeman shares in her new book: The Next Right Thing, “Decisions shape our lives.” She goes on to add that, “what we often overlook is not only how our choices shape outcomes but how they shape us too. They reveal our character and help to create our character.”

Unmade decision have the power to either

close us up in fear or

open us up to love.

Emily P. Freeman

Each chapter in her new book is blessedly short, it can be read in just a few minutes and pondered for the rest of the day. The content is relevant to anyone who has suffered from allowing other people’s “agendas to live for free in the sacred space of your creative mind”, which is all of us if we are honest. She concludes each short essay with a prayer and a practice, allowing you to connect with your soul and the Holy Spirit Who resides there, in the stillness.


I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to read her book in advance of publication. There was so much goodness inside, that I thought my highlighter would run dry. She addresses all of the areas where we get stuck in our decision making process. Much of her writing is straightforward.


Other times her words about knocked me upside the head like when she reminded me: “One way God often invites us to see ourselves is through the words of other people”.

I can’t recommend this book enough. Now, you might recognize Emily from a blog post I did about her podcast a little while ago. I still listen to the podcast each week, and this book is a great addition to that weekly practice. She helps me to slow down, listen to God, and not take myself so seriously.

The Next Right Thing is more than just a guidebook for decision making, it is an invitation to slow down and listen to what your soul is inviting you to see in the world. The book releases on April 2. But, if you preorder now Emily is offering some wonderful gifts that will allow you to dive deeper. She has a fun Quiz that will help you discover your decision making style. IF you pre-order before April 2, she will send you a copy of her audiobook and access to her Discern and Decide Online Course for FREE!

All you need to do is Preorder here before April 2. Once you have received your order number, go to her website HERE. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your order number, name, and email address in the blanks next to the video of Emily.

I took the quiz and it will not surprise anyone who knows me to discover my decision making style. Drumroll….. I plan and research…. my decisions are made with my head. I would love to know your decision making style— post it in the comments below.