When All You Feel is Stuck

My feelings are running deep these days.

Not sure about you, but it seems like every where I turn I hear some sort of mediocre and even bad news. Maybe you are in the same spot— a few too many hard moments and far too few joy filled hours.

So, thinking that I will feel better if I could distract myself, I turn to Facebook and see a long stream of other people’s good news. While I am glad to to see the joy and hopeful expectation on the young faces going to their first prom, the excitement of new drivers, the freshness of new babies and all of the college announcements, there is a lingering feeling of being left behind in some way.

Settled somewhere in between is a strange place to be.

When you wake up to a day where there is nothing to commemorate or celebrate, you might feel like you are not living up to your full potential. While there is beauty in everything, it is hard to get excited about coffee from a Keurig once you’ve seen someone else post their glorious latte with artfully styled foam on top. Clearly these are first world problems, unfortunately, the in between is hard. When you are are smack dab in the middle of the big events with less to distract you, the hard can press down a little more forcefully.

So, junk food seems to take the edge off the sting for a few minutes… but then come the weird feeling that comes from eating too much of a good thing.

Getting unstuck is hard some days. What we think will help only seems to exacerbate the symptoms. Why is it that? Whatever our default self-help method of restoring balance often seems to drive us deeper into the rut we find ourselves in.

So, today I tried something that was a little different.


I prayed.

I lifted my heart and asked Jesus to help me understand what next thing I could do that would help. Praying for myself and all the other people who were in my same boat who did not have their hands on their oars, I asked for the strength to row forward toward the joy.

When you are floating on choppy waters not knowing when the winds are going to settle down, call out to Jesus. Jesus can steer the rudder and redirect your boat if only you lift your eyes and your heart to Him.

He might answer your prayer by bringing to mind a friend with a kind ear that you can reach out to. Call them. Text them. Email them.

He could remind you that pulling out your dusty running shoes might be a better idea than eating another donut.

Jesus always wraps you in His arms, if you ask for a quick hug. His heart is on fire with love for you. These few moments with Him will let you know that hope is waiting just around the corner, if you continue to look up.

He helped me and I know He is waiting for you if you are having an In Between Day.