Role Models of Faith

Over the past few months, I spent a lot of time with many women in the bible. It is fascinating to see how a woman’s life changes when she has a deep experience of the presence of Jesus. Editing some of the lessons, two things stood out as I pondered the lives of the members of this elite group.

They remained.

The woman caught in adultery, the woman at the well, the Canaanite woman, and Mary Magdalene— they each remained with Jesus in conversation. Their challenges in life are different in many ways than what you will face. We no longer have to walk to the well to gather water or worry about being stoned for violating a law.

Yet, each woman faced the same decision we have each day: how to respond to Jesus? They each had the choice to ignore Him and walk away or remain with Him and enter into a conversation, despite the uncertainty. They remained with Jesus and untangled the knots of what was holding them bound to their old ways of life.

The Woman at the Well, along with many other woman we find in the bible, was conditioned by life to expect certain things. She was trained to hold her tongue and remain on the sidelines. Love was no longer on her list, instead she was used by men and cast aside when she was no longer appealing. She was invisible to many.

So, she was shocked to have a Jewish man speak to her. Instead of hiding, she begins to banter with Him. She remains in conversation and Jesus fully reveals Himself to her, an outsider. Can you imagine what this must have been like for her? Instead of being embarrassed about her life circumstances, she acknowledges them. As they talk, she is changed.

Jesus Transforms.

This woman talks with Him for so long that she forgets the original purpose of her visit. She abandons the water for the cooking and the washing because she is filled to overflowing with a new mission. She leaves her water jug behind and runs to tell everyone she can about Jesus.

Her joy cannot be contained.

This woman who was the ultimate outsider is now an insider with the news that will change the world. She does not cease telling everyone about Jesus.

Her personal witness lays the foundation for the conversion of the Gentiles to Christianity.

Our lives are also transformed by Jesus as we remain with Him in prayer. He fills us with living water that sustains our souls. He loves us and enables us to share His love freely.

Who is your favorite woman in the bible?