Five for Friday

Welcome and Happy Friday (or happy day to you if you find these words on a day not Friday)!!! My husband has been traveling a lot lately and so I have more time on my hands than usual. If you are looking for some spiritual fortification… you are in the right place, I have got you covered.

1. A movie: I watched a movie on the life of Saint Maria Soledad on Formed this week and loved it. If your parish subscribes to Formed and you have not yet checked out all of their great resources. Run, don’t walk to their site and see their amazing content. If you don’t have access to Formed and still own a DVD player, you can buy it here.

Since I have been focusing a lot of my attention lately on women in the Bible and women in the church, I have become fascinated with the back stories of the saints. How often I forget that they were real people, with real problems? Saint Maria Soledad encountered resistance from the “society girls”, neglectful priests, war, government intervention, and poverty. Yet, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of providing care at night for patients in their homes. Once you have watched the movie, comment below and let me know whether you endure what she suffered for Jesus. St. Soledad, pray for us. 

2. A sweet gift: Don’t you love happy mail? I am encouraged by your comments on the blog and sweet gifts from friends. Recently, a dear friend sent this thoughtful gift. Each day before I start writing, I am reminded that what we do matters, even if it is hidden and unknown. If you are wondering whether what you are doing in the cracks and crevices matters… it does. Jesus sees it all and He is smiling at you dear reader.


3. This article on the Psalms published years ago in America Magazine made a difference for me on a difficult day. if you are having a hard day, go there. It might also be a good one to bookmark for a rainy day. I hope you find encouragement in this Rabbi’s words. 

4. In working on my latest study, I find myself consulting one book over and over again. Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word is a three volume commentary on the gospel of Matthew. Remember always, you, dear one are a pearl of great price. Here is a little tidbit of Brother Simeon’s beautiful words: 

All along the way, we have spoken a great deal about the crucial need for self-surrender to God’s action in order for us to enter into full union with Him and enjoy His own life within us. … In this act, we truly are giving God something He did not have before— our whole being. This must be God’s own “pearl of great price” for which He has been passionately searching, the one beloved sheep.” (Volume III, page 300)

5. Finally, I have a question for you, my friend. Really, it is several questions. What is one thing you wish you had that could draw you closer to Christ? What would you like, but have not been able to find? What can I create for you?