What I'm Loving Lately

Trying to wrap my head around too many things at once is a challenge. So, I am taking a break from the Empty Nest series to write about what I’m loving lately. I hope you will enjoy my finds.

what i'm loving lately.png
  1. We had a wonderful gathering last week with some fabulous friends. I was so sad that two could not make it because of unexpected emergencies, you were missed. While together, I was able to try out a new-to-me recipe from Ina Garten. All of her recipes are fabulous and Charlie Bird’s Farro Salad did not disappoint. If you try the recipe, check the comments on the link for suggestions about decreasing the salt. I did not have a problem, but others did.

  2. Living in high humidity and far away from my regular stylist means I am struggling a little more than usual with my hair. After a night scrolling through Amazon, I found the BLOM headband. It arrived and I am loving it! The fabric is soft and stretchy. It expands wide to cover or can be folded over for a slimmer look. I bought the navy and am now considering a second color. Let me know in the comments which I should try next. (Speaking of comments, I love them and have changed the filters to make it easier for you to leave your feedback.)

  3. If you are sending your first child off to college in the fall, you are probably overwhelmed by all there is to do. Even if it is not your first rodeo, there is still a lot to gather and purge before move in day. My friend Laura at the Almost Empty Nest has tons of checklists, resources, and encouragement for you. Her post on how to survive drop off day is one that I wish I had before I took mine to school. She has great advice for setting up an apartment which I will need in August. Hop on over and tell her I said, “hello”. You will love her.

  4. Now that summer is finally here, reading is on my agenda. I am so excited to finally have enough time to dive into Jane Harper’s latest, The Lost Man. I loved her other two mysteries. Her first two novels were set in Australia and you feel as though you get to know the characters as real people as well as joining them in Australia all while sitting at home. I now understand what it means to be transported by words. If mysteries are not your thing, you might want to go to Anne Bogel’s website, Modern Mrs. Darcy. She always has the best recommendations for any reader and links to Kindle sale books.

  5. There are so many devotions in the Catholic faith that I do not yet understand. My latest study, Abide Resting in the Unfailing Love of God sent me into a rabbit hole learning about the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This practice has been around for centuries and focuses on the infinite and unfailing love of Jesus as exhibited in His sacrifice on the cross. His Sacred Heart is the repository for the never ending love that He wants to share with each and every one of us. The feast of the Sacred Heart will be celebrated this Friday, June 28. I can’t wait to tell you more about Abide in a the coming weeks. Lots of fun plans for this study.

  6. I am hoping to attend Mass at Ballintubber Abbey on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Mass has been said in this location every day for 800 years, despite famine, persecution, and fires. You have to check out their website. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I’ll post pictures.