5 Ways to Abide this Fall

If you are entering this Fall with a less than full schedule after a summer packed with activity, I suggest you savor this time and do not welcome the busyness that wants to crowd its way into your calendar. Allowing space to remain in your schedule to Abide will give you clarity about how God wants to use your particular gifts and talents to heal His world.

Now is the perfect time to rest. Yes, this is counterintuitive. Summer seems like the season perfect for rest with the longer unstructured days. Yet, every year as I edge closer and closer to September, I yearn for some structure so that I don’t have to think about the many daily details. All these decisions add up and make me weary. Structure eases the burden of all of the decision making.

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Your summer was probably also filled with the joy of having all your people home with extended periods of together time, so you too might be a little worn out from all the love. I am thankful for the long, leisurely dinners and game nights. But, there is something about the unseasonably cool weather we have seen in the past few days which has me craving a new clean planner.

So, as I begin to plug commitments and adventures into the blocks in my calendar, I am also scheduling time for rest. A little time to pause, ponder, and maybe fuel some of my inner curiosity.

There are multiple ways that we can Abide with Christ. The way that I find most challenging is waiting on Him. Waiting often feels unproductive. Yet, it is in the waiting that we learn more about God, ourselves, and our souls gain strength.

So as you are looking at your calendar here are 5 ways you can join me in Abiding this Fall.

  1. Embrace Silence. Dedicate 15 minutes to silent stillness during your day. Enter the time without expectation or an agenda.

  2. Set Aside Time to Read. Learn all about resting in the unfailing love of God by reading Abide. You can read each chapter all the way through, or break it up into chunks, reading and answering the questions a little bit at a time throughout the week. The book is small enough to keep in your purse and pull out when you find a pocket of time where you are waiting.

  3. Try Something New. If you live in Atlanta, join a small group at Holy Spirit on Tuesday mornings to discuss my new study: Abide. A link to the registration is just to the right.

  4. Gather Friends. If you are not in Atlanta, gather a group of friends to talk about your answers to the questions in Abide. I sometimes need the accountability of a small group to keep me on track. If you aren’t sure if your friends would be interested in joining you, comment below, there may be a possibility of creating an online small group for Abide. Are you interested?

  5. Be Curious. Pay attention to what is stirring in your heart. Keep a notebook handy and make notes with a colorful pen. As you wait, God will speak in the most unlikely of ways.

Pro-Tip: If you purchase a paperback copy of Abide: Resting in the Unfailing Love of God, you can add the Kindle version for $2.99 extra. This is helpful if you travel or want to keep up with the study while you are on the go.