Five Things You Need Every Day

Our approach to scheduling cause us more problems than we may realize. When our lives are overstuffed, it is hard to see past the next few minutes to dream about long term goals or make decisions necessary for course corrections. If you are approaching September feeling like your hair is on fire from all that needs to be done, I have come up with an easy approach to composing your day.

photo courtesy Unsplash,  aleksei I

photo courtesy Unsplash, aleksei I

Each day you should spend time doing a little something from each of these 5 categories:

  1. Prayer/Worship- communicating with God in conversation, song, praise, gratitude, Scripture reading, rosary, prayer journaling, or gratitude.

  2. Meaningful Work- doing something that contributes to your family’s well being whether it is inside or outside of your home, using your gifts to help someone in need, making God’s Kingdom present here and now.

  3. Tending Your body- eating real food, moving a little more, stretching, hydrating, sleeping at night.

  4. Positive Connection- a smile shared with a stranger, a compliment to someone you don’t yet know well, a phone call to an old friend, a funny meme sent in the middle of the day to bring a smile, a handwritten note to say I was thinking about you.

  5. Rest- pausing, inviting silence, enjoying nature, exercising your creativity, sitting down in a comfy chair, petting the dog/cat.

Think about your day as a collection of 5 boxes you fill with whatever you do as the day goes along. The contents will never be evenly distributed. Depending upon the day of the week or the season of life, some boxes will always have more than the others. But, there needs to be something in each one each day. In order to compose our lives, we need to become more intentional about what we allow to fill our boxes.

Here are some questions to ponder as you go about your day:

As you look at your calendar, which boxes are most full?

Are there any that are completely empty?

Which 1 box needs more of your attention?

Which box/es need its contents reexamined and purged in order to free up more time for your soul to expand?

Let me know in the comments below which of your boxes needs more contents.