Wrestling with the Advent Wreath.

As I sat in my pew this weekend waiting for Mass to begin, I noticed the cantor off to the side of the altar fiddling with something. Just a moment later I realized whatever he was working on was stirring something suspended above the altar. After loosening the grip of the knot, he slowly lowered the fresh evergreen boughs and candles hanging above and behind the spot where the priest stands to consecrate the body and blood of Jesus. It was then that I noticed the priest who had been standing in silence and stillness waiting. He watched as the wreath spun this way and that. He patiently waited as it finally came to rest, allowing him to light the first candle of Advent.

Watching the cantor wrestling with the ropes and the priest waiting for the wreath to descend, I thought of how often we wrestle with our faith in God.

Your Advent Companion

Every year I start my planning for the season strong. I gather all my Advent resources, sign up for all in the inbox offerings, pick up whatever is offered at Church and promise that this year will be different. I set up a schedule for how I am going to utilize all the great spiritual inspiration in my morning prayer time and on my bedside table. I even promise myself that I will take some time midday to check in with the Advent reading. I have high hopes and a big stack of materials.

Keep reading to find out more about My Spirit Rejoices Advent Companion….

Advent Sneak Peak!

Halloween has hardly passed by and there are already Christmas decorations in every store I enter. Thanksgiving receives a short shrift in our little portion of the world because of the overwhelming need of each retailer to capitalize on our purchasing power and inability to say no during the last two months of the year. 

I hate to jump on the bandwagon forgetting the day of Thanks, but I could not wait to share a sneak peak of my latest project.