Camino de Santiago

Coffee and Wine Bookend Our Days

I am back with another Camino edition of the blog. We all had such a good time on our trip and I really hate to stop talking about it. Thankfully, I have been able to share all that I learned with two more friends who are walking the Camino soon. One is leaving in May and another in June. I so wish that I could go again with them, it was that great.

One thing y’all wanted to know more about was the food. Thankfully, we took pictures of many of our dinners because one of the daughters who was following our progress from her home in Atlanta asked for food pictures. Little did I know that all of those moments would come in handy for the FMM community!

A Long Walk to Begin Lent

When my friend Lisa emailed to ask if I wanted to join her for a walk, I never imagined that she was talking about a very long walk up the coast of Spain following in the footsteps of faithful pilgrims who walked the same path for centuries. Pilgrimage is defined as a long journey to someplace sacred or a place of religious devotion. Santiago de Compostela, Spain is the final resting spot of St. James and considered to be one of the important pilgrimage spots for Christians after Rome and the Holy Land.