You have what you need.

Lie Number Two: I don’t have what I need in order to serve God.  I don't have the "right" education, resources, time, training, experience, or reputation. I am the wrong age, color, gender, or ethnicity to make a difference. 

Oh boy, is this one of the most subtle lies out there? So often, we disqualify ourselves from a new adventure by repeating negative self-talk quietly inside our own minds. We have probably done this to ourselves for so many years that we are not even aware we are doing it any longer.  How many great adventures, ideas, and projects have been left undone because we disqualify ourselves because we think we NEED something more in order to get started? How easy it is to find an excuse, like our lack of experience or absence of a special skill set, and we don't even begin to dream of what could be. 


Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.png

You have what you need to love and thrive right where you are.  Believe this truth. If you find yourself repeating the old, worn out negative statements that you carry around like a purse whose stitching is coming unravelled... remind yourself that 'A soothing tongue is a tree of life' (Proverbs 15:4). Only speak to yourself in a way that you would speak to a dear friend or child, with truth, love, and encouragement.

When you are tempted to believe that you don't have what it takes to follow God's direction in your life, remember this video clip. 

You are enough.

Sometimes, we just need to remember that we already have what it takes to become our aspirational selves. 

So often we aspire to change some part of ourselves in order to become our "true" selves. We aspire to be just a little bit thinner, just a little bit shorter, just a little bit taller, just a little bit more organized, just a little bit more financially stable, often just a little bit "more". We might look around at others and think that they possess all that we want for ourselves and feel as though we don't measure up now and never will.

As I prepare my little one to leave home for her big adventure, I am reminded of how the pain of separation, and the responsibility of "adulting" as it is now called, can weigh you down and convince a girl that she does not have what it takes to do the work that is in front of her.  This sense of "not enoughness" does not evaporate just because the years on the calendar pass by; the sense of "not enoughness" is removed once we return our minds to the truth that we were created in the image of a loving and all forgiving God.

When we are living, daily accepting the truth that God has given us what we need to do the work that He has set before us, our comparison can drop away and melt into collaboration.

When we can start our day in prayer, focused on resting in His arms and praising Him, doing His work becomes more natural and we are more at peace. God's work is not some grand gesture or some great big project that will bring us accolades.  God's work is the work of being kind to someone who is feeling down, the work of giving a listening ear to another who is seeking connection, sometimes it is the work of just getting out of bed with a smile instead of a scowl. 

I hope that you always remember how beautiful you are and how precious you are in the eyes of our Savior. In the next few days, if you struggle with the sense that you are not enough, if you walk into a room and feel as though you don't fit in, offer a prayer up for all the other women who are feeling the same thing and remember that your "feeling" does not determine your value. You are enough.