Standing at the Foot of the Cross

A few years ago, I wrote about Mary’s experience of Good Friday in The Spirit of Mary. We often think of Mary as she was depicted in the beautiful sculpture, The Pieta, sitting on the ground cradling her Son’s beaten, bruised, and broken human body. But, pondering Scripture, I was particularly struck by John’s depiction of the most beautiful and awful scene of our Savior’s death. Mary was standing by the cross along with other women and John. (John 19:25). She stands with her people, gaining strength from Her Son. Her silent witness, her presence in the face of unspeakable horror, is an example to each of us in how to face whatever suffering we carry today.

If you need a few words to figure out how to face the day- look to Mary’s example in this excerpt:

Mary reveals how to face suffering with strength.

When Life Delivers More Questions Than Answers

When Life Delivers More Questions Than Answers

I held it together pretty well until the recessional song.

Sitting in Mass, I did my darnedest to pray for the mothers who were grieving for their girls. One laid to rest after she suffered a horrible death at the hands of a man she thought was an Uber driver and another clinging to life in a burn unit. And Caroline, the child of one of our sisters in the Faith Moves Mountains Community, a 20-year-old whose life was cut short after an accident over the weekend.