When You Struggle to Pray

When my daughter got her license and I retired from my position as her chauffeur, I started to volunteer at an after school program offered through our church. All of the children were first generation students who needed a native speaker to help them with their homework. The children’s English was fantastic, but most had no one at home who could listen to them read out loud or explain American history. If I am honest, neither the parents nor I could really help with the math.

At the end of the day we would see the parents. Some were fluent and wanted to hear all about the afternoon. Some had not yet gained confidence with their English and took advantage of their child’s fluency to translate. They were interested and attentive, but sometimes that was only communicated to me by their presence and a smile.

When All You Feel is Stuck

My feelings are running deep these days.

Not sure about you, but it seems like every where I turn I hear some sort of mediocre and even bad news. Maybe you are in the same spot— a few too many hard moments and far too few joy filled hours.

So, thinking that I will feel better if I could distract myself, I turn to Face Book and see a long stream of other people’s good news. While I am glad to to see the joy and hopeful expectation on the young faces who are going to their first prom, the excitement of new drivers, the freshness of new babies and all of the college announcements, there is a lingering feeling of being left behind in some way.

Settled somewhere in the in between is a strange place to be.

When Life Delivers More Questions Than Answers

When Life Delivers More Questions Than Answers

I held it together pretty well until the recessional song.

Sitting in Mass, I did my darnedest to pray for the mothers who were grieving for their girls. One laid to rest after she suffered a horrible death at the hands of a man she thought was an Uber driver and another clinging to life in a burn unit. And Caroline, the child of one of our sisters in the Faith Moves Mountains Community, a 20-year-old whose life was cut short after an accident over the weekend.