Sitting in Front of the Empty Tomb

I’ve never spent much time focused on the resurrection narrative found in the various Gospels. I’m not sure about you, but I am just so happy to get past Palm Sunday and Good Friday that I kinda blend all the stories into one, not quite sure who it is that sees Jesus first. I have been so focused on His Seven Last Words, that I never really paid attention to His First.

In preparing to write one of the final lessons in my new study, I read all 4 accounts and was struck by the unique details each author includes. This morning, Matthew’s version of the burial and resurrection struck a chord with me. You can follow along if you want, Matthew 27:57-61, 28:1-10.

Good Friday was good.

A shield against the hard days.

There are some days when I wake up and the knot in the pit of my stomach is already forming.  I have not even had a chance to say a quick prayer and I am already aware that my body feels anxious about some unknown event which has yet to occur.  It might be that I am anticipating the emotions that I will experience during a hard conversation which may or may not happen. It could also be that I am not looking forward to spending the day without someone that I dearly love.  On other days, it could just be that I am dreading the silence that awaits me as I am making dinner for myself.