Road Map For an Empty Nest

Easing into June after a month filled with activities and celebrations can leave you feeling like a balloon after all of the hot air has escaped. Deflated. While you welcome the rest and the quiet, you may be a bit at loose ends when it comes to wrapping your brain around what just happened. 

You may even be a smidge apprehensive about what to expect in the coming months if you are facing change. Especially if the change is not one that you orchestrated or invited. 

Stalled. Unable to Soar.

Many of us are in a period of transition, that in between stage which feels like a waste of time. We are unable to move. Unable to soar in the direction our soul is longing to lead us. There is a tension we are not quite able to name.

Some are stalled out after an unexpected diagnosis, so much time spent waiting for more information or attending appointments to get going on a cure that may or may not ever arrive. 

Others of us are stationary, unable to face the unlimited number of decisions about what to keep and what to give away in an effort to downsize, relocate, or finally just get organized. 

Unicorn Shoes

In the Orthodontist waiting room yesterday, I met the most gregarious little girl who shared her current worry with me as she crossed the room to find the toy corner. This little waif could not have been more than 4 or 5, but she was chatty, chatty. I am sure that she has never met a stranger. I can only imagine what she will be like at 25, hopefully taking the world by storm with confidence and grace.

So, she skips in front of me, tells me her name, and her problem.