prayer warrior

Persevering When Your Knees are Tired

Our small tribe has been touched again by the death of a very loved young person. And, once again, we arrive to a new day with more questions than answers.

I don’t know about you, but my mind would like to go to the easy place of throwing in the towel.

It might just be so much easier to hit the snooze button rather than wake up and join Jesus for tea/coffee. It would be momentarily more pleasant to let loose with a stream of expletives in the comfort of my car when the next terrible driver follows me too closely or cuts me off, feeding my anger rather than praying for the safety of all on the road. It would be more fun to go for a mimosa brunch, rather than sit between the squirmy toddler and stinky older person in Mass. It would be just a little bit too easy to drift away from the practices that I know tether me (which at times feels loosely) to Jesus.

Wimpy Pray-er to Prayer Warrior

Wimpy Pray-er to Prayer Warrior

As the calendar page turns to reveal its fresh, empty blocks which mark the time which lies in front of me, I am struck with a sudden urge to mend my ways. Thoughts of an abundance of healthy, home cooked meals, lots of movement, stacks of new books to read, and an assortment of art supplies to try get me excited to see what the new year has in store. I like to dream about the New Me that I could become with a little more effort, planning, and self-discipline.

Then the doubt creeps in as I remember the many times in the past when similar thoughts danced through my mind. I become afraid to verbalize my dreams for fear of looking foolish within the first few weeks of my failed “New Year-New Me” efforts. So, often I let the ideas pass instead of making the effort. Can you relate to this or am I the only one who falls prey to dreaming and doubting?

If you feel called to be a Prayer Warrior, but feel more like you are entering the battlefield with a butter knife— I have something just for you.