Through prayer, pondering, and action-- our lives are changed by the Holy Spirit. Are you looking for tools to support you on your faith journey?


Moving Mountains is hard work given the burdens we carry and all that needs to be done in a day. We need tools to support us on the journey. Sometimes, it is a little reminder, a word or encouragement, a strong group of like spirited souls, or a bible study. Learning to incorporate prayer, pondering, and loving action into our day does not have to be done alone. I am here to help.


Faith grows in prayer

Printables which help you fit prayer into your busy day.

Abide in Him- verses and inspiration to Pray, Ponder, + Act.

Gather in conversation

Ready to take the next step? Gather your friends and ponder Scripture with one of my studies. 

Cute Cards—let someone know you are Praying for them.


Pondering while we rest

Sometimes, we need to give ourselves permission to rest and ponder the things of God.

4 Week Study Sealed: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Litany of Conversion

If you download any Tools on this page, let me know what you think at If you are looking for more tools to help you dive into or add more prayer to your day, let me know and I can create them for you!