Dear Friend-

I wish that you were here with me so that we could have this conversation in person.  I want to hear how you are doing, where you have seen great success lately, and where you might be struggling.  What is holding you back from enjoying the life of abundant love that God wants for you to enjoy? I want to hear about the pain that is tugging quietly in the corner of your heart and listen as you tell me about the hope that is taking wing in your life as well. I want to hear about what is bringing you joy!


A little bit about me and my faith journey. I am a cradle Catholic, raised in Catholic schools in Houston. After getting married, my husband and I moved a lot which allowed me to experience life in a way that I had not quite planned. To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we moved to yet another new state. With two children (one in college and another in law school) and our dog, we enjoy challenging ourselves to try new things outdoors.

Over the past ten years, I’ve gathered with women around the table to talk about Jesus. There, I discovered that I was not alone in many of my daily struggles. In an effort to understand the intersection of faith and modern daily life, I started to write. I created several Scripture Studies for women which can be used alone or in small groups.

Each study addresses a different question.

In The Spirit of Mary, I wanted to know just how Mary had the strength to stand at the foot of the cross when all that she had put her faith in seemed to be coming to an end.

This lead me to Vibrant Faith where I sought to discover what role the Holy Spirit should play in my life.

Which brought Cultivating Faith, a deep dive where you discover, understand, and learn to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Then questions about the Beatitudes reverberated and I wanted to know if the blessings Jesus described were for really holy people or did they apply to people that struggle, like me? (Answer: Yes!) (Radiant)

Which lead me to my most recent study which is scheduled to be released in September 2019. In Abide: Resting in the Unfailing Love of God, I sought to understand how to trust God’s love when my life does not feel lovely?

Each study provides encouragement and practical life application so that you can hear God's voice more clearly as you Pray, Ponder, and Act in the midst of a busy life. 

In this blog, I hope you will find the encouragement you need to take your next step in making the Kingdom of God present right where you are. Occasionally, I speak and lead retreats. Mostly, though, you can find me at my kitchen table typing away while watching the ducks paddle on the lake.

Email is a great way to reach me, katie@katiekibbe.com. Feel free to comment on any of the blog posts which resonate with you. I love hearing what you think. If you would like to be the first to hear from me, you can subscribe by clicking on the blue button below. 

Thank you for Moving Mountains,