Invitation to a More Vibrant Faith

I am so excited to show you the cover for our new study. 

Vibrant Faith: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

This guidebook will help you understand more fully how the Holy Spirit works not only in the lives of Old Testament and New Testament folks, but in your life as well.  

5b_bleed_Faith Cover.jpg

Isn't it beautiful?! It makes me so happy every time I look at it.  My friend, Jane Orman, created it and did such a wonderful job, don't you think?  She is so talented and was even able to incorporate my handwriting into the design.  I am also so very grateful for the team that helped in the creation of the guidebook: Jennifer, Kristen, and Lisa. 

Over the past several years, in conversation with many women, in prayer, through participating in the Mass and the Sacraments, and reading Scripture— my faith in God has grown deeper and more vibrant. Where I once struggled daily against being bored in Spirit, the Holy Spirit has helped me discover that God is in the ordinary parts of my day. He is always present and He is always Extra-ordinary. There is no longer a reason to be Spiritually Stagnant and think that things will never change. The Holy Spirit wants you to see God in your ordinary. In finding God in the ordinary— I have found more peace, more joy, and a deeper connection to those around me. The same peace, joy, and connection are available for you as well. Won't you join us this fall as we discover a more Vibrant Faith?

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