Responding with Love rather than....

It is easy to fill in the blank at the end of the title to this blog post with any number of negative words: hate, anger, frustration, threats, empty promises, tears. This week in the news, I was struck at almost every turn with a desire to lash out rather than be still and respond to the negativity with peace and calm.

My years in the classroom learning about Social Justice coupled with some time representing the marginalized when I practiced law right out of school, draw my attention to the unseen struggles that so many face. Like so many of you, I imagine myself in the shoes of the unknown person and try to think how I would respond if I were born into different circumstances. This is hard to do when the other person is acting in ways I cannot fathom acting.

From racism, violence against women, mass shootings, to the treatment of migrants, we can do better as a country.

Parenting Shift In An Empty Nest

Time forces us to transition, whether we like it or not. Babies grow out of their footie pajamas and into princess gowns and super hero capes. They learn to ride a bike and take off down the street momentarily escaping parental control. The complexity of their homework eventually exceeds the capacity of their college educated parents to double check. They grow up whether we like it or not.    

Parenting is one of the craziest jobs anyone ever takes. For most of us, our role starts on protective high alert: always standing at the ready available to step in. You offer a hand as she takes her first step. Clean up every mess after he attempts to feed himself. Cheer loudly from your place on the sidelines. Eventually, you move from your feet to your knees, waiting for them to return home or just return a text. 

As our children begin spending more time away from home, our role as parents must transition from hyper-vigilant control and protection to one of being an Adulting Consultant.