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5 Must See Places in Ireland

We had the experience of a lifetime! My first young adult and I recently returned from my grandfather’s homeland. In addition to seeing the home he grew up in, we found so much to do that my son and I created a list of places to go for our next trip.

Friends on Facebook had great advice about where to go and what to do. I am not sure who told me, but whoever recommended renting an automatic car is a life saver! There is no way I could have driven standard on the wrong side of the car/road.

The best advice about the trip came from the rental car bus driver. He reminded me to orient myself to the car when I first got in. Then, he imparted this bit of wisdom, “Take it slow, enjoy the drive. Remember you are on vacation.” As my son navigated our way around each round about reminding me to stay to the left, I gripped the wheel with white knuckles and put this sweet man’s words on repeat in my head. Go slow. Enjoy. This is vacation. Because of his reminder to pull over and let the native drivers pass, we discovered amazing things in places we least expected.